Friday, November 2, 2007

October 16, 2007

Stealing From Special Olympics = Evil

A few years ago, there were stories about students at Pepperdine Law School who determined that if they represented criminal defendants, they would not try to employ technicalities to get them off the hook. The lawyer in this case, who represented someone accused of embezzling money from the Special Olympics, must not have a very large fan club chapter at Pepperdine. He argued that his client should get off because she hadn’t actually stolen from the Special Olympics, she’d stolen from the people who wrote checks to the Special Olympics. It’s all good, in other words.

Stealing from the Special Olympics is evil, by the way, but it’s always interesting to see how embezzlers set up their enterprises. The defendant in this case was a bookkeeper for the Special Olympics. She set up a false telemarketing operation and a separate bank account, and she was off to the races. Yet another reason that being intensely skeptical of any telemarketer is a very good way to be.

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