Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Beck, Call Your Office

Via Ron Newman at Universal Hub, this is just sickening. Scientologists, using a Boston lawyer who this blog will not name, have sworn out a criminal complaint against the guy who pulled a protest permit for a gathering at their Beacon Street facility. The charge is harassment.

What, you ask, is the problem? Harassment is illegal! And scary!

Well, the problem is that they can't finger this particular guy for any specific harassing activity. So why are they picking on him? Because they can't identify any of his compatriots. They were all wearing masks, see. So they decided to go after this particular guy because, well, he pulled the protest permit. So his was the only name they could find.

The most shameful aspect of this is that the very same constitutional freedom that enables this organization to operate with almost no government interference in this country is the one they're trying to take away from those who disagree with them. That's bad P.R. And it's bad citizenship, too.

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