Thursday, May 1, 2008

Open Meeting Plaintiffs Prevail (Sort Of) In Appeals Court

Today the Appeals Court ruled against Michael Flaherty and his compatriots in McCrea v. Flaherty, No. 07-P-224. The Court held that the defendants violated the Open Meeting law.

The victory for the plaintiffs, including Kevin McCrea, was not unequivocal, however. The Court sent the case back to the Superior Court for a determination of some factual issues. So Mr. Flaherty could still eke out a victory of sorts.

Still reading through this; updates possible.

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the zak said...

The city stenographer is budgeted for the public meetings of our Boston City Council. The stenographic machine data should be a public record. Having the stenographic data of the remarks and debate of our City Councilors available would be a more open opportunity for comment, responses and questions with cited Councilors' words.

For people with hearing loss having the stenographic data available of our City Council would be a good idea. That way we could read the words of our Councilors and the words of the people with expertise testifying before our Council.