Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Every Day? Who Is This Guy?

Yesterday, this blog included a post stating that it's really rare for appellate courts to reverse a trial judge who is trying to control his or her docket. So rare, in fact, that it's happened two straight days in two separate appellate courts located in the Commonwealth.

Today, it's Wilkins v. Cooper, No. 07-P-26. The procedural history here is Byzantine. But the nut of the issue is whether a trial court can dismiss a case where one attorney misses a status conference and, at that very same status conference, the Court can decide on its own to convert the status conference into a motion hearing and toss the case. The answer is no.

One other interesting fact here: there was at least one motion in this case on which the Superior Court held a hearing and then failed to issue an order for four years. The Appeals Court calls this a "remarkable delay." The Court, generously,* does not identify by name the judge who held these motions under endless advisement.

*Don't you want to know who it was?

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