Friday, October 17, 2008

Tales From The Cryptic

The Supreme Court has reversed the 6th Circuit's determination that the Secretary of State of Ohio had to match voter registration rolls with department of motor vehicles records under a federal statute. The case is Brunner v. Ohio Republican Party, No. 08A332. This makes Democrats happy, because it probably means more people will be able to vote. It makes Republicans less happy, because they think that more people being able to vote means a greater chance of voter fraud.*

The decision is short and a little bit cryptic. But its basis is that the Ohio Republican party, nor any private person, can file suit under the statute in question. Helpfully, the Supreme Court provided no guidance on who or what can file such a suit. Maybe the Department of Justice?

*Like wolf attacks on humans since 1900, Republicans can point to precious few (any?) instances of actual fraudulent votes being cast.

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