Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Does Johnny Damon Wish He Worked At Jiffy Lube?

Back when George Steinbrenner was Yankee overlord, he had this facial hair/hair length rule. No beards. No long hair. Whether the rule survives Steinbrenner's recently confirmed departure from the scene remains an open question.

What we learn from Brown v. F.L. Roberts & Co., Inc., No. SJC-10155, however, is that if Steinbrenner ran a Jiffy Lube in Hadley, his long/facial hair rule might cause him some legal problems with Rastafarians.

But then if Steinbrenner was Jiffy Lube overlord, a lot of us (as opposed to just Rastafarians) would think that Jiffy Lube was evil. Which would be bad for business.

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