Thursday, January 15, 2009

Supreme Court Causes Head Scratching

Just a completely bizarre lineup in Oregon v. Ice, Supreme Ct. No. 07-901. The issue, broadly stated, is the role of juries in sentencing decisions. The majority (Ginsburg, Stevens, Kennedy, Breyer, Alito) allowed the judge to impose a harsh sentence in a case involving sexual assaults of an 11-year-old girl. The dissenters (Scalia, Roberts, Souter, Thomas) said this determination should have been left to the jury.

It is really difficult to find the dividing line here. Can it really just be a matter of stare decisis? One thing is for sure, though: when you see Scalia, Roberts, and Thomas dissenting and making vigorous statements regarding the procedural rights of criminal defendants, something strange is going on.

Finally: apologies for the absence of posts thus far this week. Actual work must be done.

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