Monday, March 9, 2009

Decisionism Plays Beautiful

If you spend a lot of time furrowing your brow about litigiousness, Welch v. Sudbury Youth Soccer Ass'n, Inc., SJC No. 10242, is not a case you should read any time soon. The only thing reading this case will accomplish is it will make you furrow your brow a little bit more. If on the other hand you don't shake your head a little bit after you read the first couple of graphs, you either are or should be a plaintiffs' side personal injury lawyer.

But the essence of it all is that kids play soccer. And they get hurt playing soccer. All kinds of crazy ways. If every one of these kids had parents who sued the league when their kid hurt himself, there would be no soccer leagues. That would be a bummer. Even to someone who doesn't entirely understand soccer.

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Anonymous said...

The Court's second footnote is, in its own way, 'beautiful':

"The record does not indicate precisely what Dustin Welch was doing when he was injured."