Monday, July 27, 2009

Shocker? Not So Much

Here's the latest breathlessness from the Herald on the Gates fiasco. This is a situation that generates more questions than answers, but let's add a few more to the mix.

Is the witness trying to exonerate herself because she didn't mention the race of the people on the Ware Street porch? Does this mean race had absolutely nothing to do with it? Does the witness call the police if she sees a 58 year-old white guy in glasses and a little polo shirt trying to force his door open?

And did she really and truly have to retain an attorney? Was that the only way she could let the whole world know that she has “olive-colored skin and is of Portuguese descent”?

Let's just all have one last good collective cringe and move on. Okay?

UPDATE: A typically excellent and thoughtful post from Dan Kennedy here.

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