Thursday, December 6, 2007

Decisionism Is Also About Decisions That Haven’t Been Made Yet

The Widget:

Court: Appeals Court
Judge: TBD
Subject: “Good government and transparency”
Tone: TBD
Importance: 5.1
Massachusetts has an incredible open meeting law that basically prohibits public bodies from holding anything even approaching private deliberation sessions. A couple of years ago, some interested Boston citizens filed suit against the City Council for violating the open meeting law.

And they won. Which bothered then City Council President Michael Flaherty ''given that the Boston City Council stands for good government and transparency."*

So the City Council appealed and the Appeals Court heard the argument today. We’ll see what happens.

*Yes. That is an actual quote. From Michael Flaherty. Perhaps he's talking about the city council of some town named Boston in another state. Like Boston, Missouri. Maybe?