Saturday, December 22, 2007

SJC: You Can't Win If You Don't Play (Thank Goodness . . .)

The Widget:

Court: SJC
Judge: Greany
Subject: Employment discrimination
Tone: Unremarkable
Importance: 4.2

Does an employer discriminate against someone it doesn't hire who missed an application deadline and, in fact, didn’t even apply for a job? In Nguyen v. William Joiner Ctr. for the Study of War and Social Consequences, SJC No. 09848, the SJC says no.

That a case like this one can make its way all the way to any high court in the Union (let alone get filed in the first place) buttresses the argument of those who say there are too many lawyers and too many lawsuits.

UPDATE: Spelling of the Joiner Center is corrected above. William Joiner is apparently not related to Wally Joyner, which is too bad for both of them. But this raises another question: what does a "Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences" study? War's social consequences? Or war, in general, and social consequences, in general? Consequences of what? The Center's website doesn't provide much assistance: "It provides educational and other services to veterans, conducts research and makes policy recommendations on issues relating to veterans, and encourages teaching and scholarship on the Vietnam War and social consequences."

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