Monday, February 4, 2008

First Circuit Friday Tidbits

Two interesting opinions from the First Circuit on Friday that may help you begin to forget about yesterday’s widely watched sporting event:

  • United States v. Hatch, No. 06-1902, is the Richard Hatch tax case. Remember Richard Hatch? Apparently his reality show success went to his head and he decided to take on the IRS. With predictable results. (Hat tip: Lon Sobel)
  • In Bohne v. Computer Assocs. Int’l, No. 06-1745, the First Circuit reversed a district court judge for the second time in a month after the judge tried to give a plaintiff who was representing himself a little too much help. How so? The trial judge attempted to give the plaintiff the benefit of an employment claim that has “no basis in Massachusetts law . . . .” While they did not quote Lee Corso explicitly, the First Circuit may as well have said “not so fast, my friend.” (Hat tip: anonymous McCain supporter who may as well live in New Hampshire)

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