Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michael Moore, Call Your Office

The Widget:

Court: Appeals Court
Judge: Cypher
Subject: Health insurance
Tone: Slightly baffled
Importance: 4.1

So it turns out that state-run health insurance can be as illogical and infuriating as private health insurance. Go figure.

In Shaw v. Secretary of the Executive Office. of Health & Human Servs., No. 06-P-1599, the Appeals Court reverses a Superior Court judge’s decision that had the effect of denying a medically necessary procedure to a teenage girl. A doctor requested authorization to perform the procedure, which MassHealth refused to provide (without stating why). This prompted the girl’s mother to say that the procedure was necessary so the doctor should proceed. This, in turn, prompted MassHealth to reject her claim because the procedure was performed without MassHealth’s authorization.

There’s an overwhelming stench of bureaucratic laziness pervading this decision. It's sad how little that surprises anybody anymore.

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