Monday, April 27, 2009

Santelli-Glendon 2012!

Professor Mary Ann Glendon is obviously extremely smart. She's a professor at Harvard Law School, not some intermittently-blogging, fair-to-middling litigator. And standing by one's principles is quite honorable. But this just seems like a dopey and hyper-dogmatic maneuver.

It's one thing if Prof. Glendon wants to engage in a reasoned debate about the merit of "the Church's position on issues involving fundamental principles of justice." It's another thing, though, if Prof. Glendon realizes that a reasoned debate about those positions will end up revealing their foundational weakness. And it's quite another thing still if her goal is to ingratiate herself with the right wing blogosphere and Rush Limbaugh.

In the end, all this means is that Notre Dame gets more Barack Obama and less Mary Ann Glendon. Which will devastate some portion of the student population there. For sure. Nothing that a little Galt and English Breakfast can't fix, though.

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