Monday, April 6, 2009

Why Decisionism Exists

So everyone can enjoy paragraphs like this one:
A famous fairy tale, of ancient vintage, tells of an ugly frog who, when befriended by a beautiful damsel, turns into a handsome prince, marries his rescuer, and (presumably) lives happily ever after. See Jacob Grimm & Wilhelm Grimm, The Frog-King, reprinted in 17 The Harvard Classics 47 (Charles W. Eliot ed., P.F. Collier & Son 1909). The coquí is a tree frog indigenous to Puerto Rico. Plaintiff-appellee Coquico, Inc. has not yet managed to turn the coquí into an imperial presence. It has, however, fashioned a popular stuffed-animal rendering of the coquí and, thus, turned the frog into dollars.
That's how Judge Selya's opinion begins in Coquico, Inc. v. Rodriguez-Miranda, First Cir. No. 07-2786. It's probably a good thing that all judges don't write like this. But it's definitely a good thing that at least one judge does.

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