Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Note To Self

Never, ever, ever do anything that attracts Nate Silver's attention. The thing of it is that mere mortals would read Prof. Mankiw's argument and say to themselves, "Hmm. Not such a good argument. But OMG he's way smart so I'll just take a flyer on this." Nate Silver is no mere mortal. He looks at the argument. He unpacks it. And then he blows it up into ten zillion pieces. Is he afraid of offending someone's grandmother? No. He is afraid of nothing. He is a magician with numbers. And he can write. Stay out of the man's way.

I suppose this is my first unofficial Sotomayor post. And I get this vague sense that one or two readers want to know what I think of Judge Sotomayor's nomination. Short useless answer: good pick. I like the fact that she's been an actual practicing lawyer. I like the fact that she's got Ramesh Ponnuru in such a snit that he feels the need to remind us that he graduated summa from Princeton, too. Finally: we have something in common! We've both said arguably true things we probably regret in front of large groups of Boalt Hall students!

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