Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There are not insignificant corners of the blogosphere supposedly devoted to documenting the stupid things said on occasion* by Mickey Kaus and the Instapundit, Prof. Glenn Reynolds. They probably should have dropped their copies of the Little Red Book or Das Kapital yesterday and done some blogging, because Kaus and Instapundit sure did join forces and serve up a hanging curveball.

They each try to raise a stink about the fact that the administration is talking about appointing a new U.S. Attorney for the District of North Carolina. It seems that the current person in the job, who was appointed by George W. Bush, is investigating John Edwards. So, they ask, why isn't the media freaking out about this like it did when Bush fired U.S. Attorneys who weren't bringing frivolous election fraud cases again Democrats? As the cool kids say, it's teh bias!

Except it's not. The modern tradition is that when a new administration comes to power, U.S. Attorneys from the previous administration move on to bigger and better things. Why don't Kaus or Reynolds mention this in their posts? The author of the article to which they link certainly does.** Maybe Reynolds overlooked it in his haste to post photographs of a sparsely attended tea party and Kaus did the same because he had to go patrol the border since Obam won't build the fence. Or perhaps there were other reasons. We'll never know.

*Or more frequently, as it were.

**The N&O headline writer's hilarious predilections notwithstanding.

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