Monday, January 21, 2008

Apology To The Blog's Three Readers

Blogging was admittedly light last week. The combination of a fried modem, then a fried wireless router, and then two new clients (bless them) will do that to you.

Two pieces of somewhat big legal news:
  • In Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., No. 06-43, The Supreme Court surprised not a single person on Earth by deciding to make it harder still to win securities cases. Dont' be shocked to see some congressional (and presidential veto) action on this. Which leads to another question: when is this Court going to get around to reconsidering its 1937 disavowal of Lochner? Because you know they (well, five of them) want to.
  • In Caplan v. Donovan, No. SJC 9933, The SJC decided that district courts can enter Chapter 209A abuse prevention orders against nonresident defendants even if the said courts have no personal jurisdiction over said defendants. Which made a lot of people scratch their heads.

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