Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RIAA As Quasi-governmental Entity

The Widget:

Court: Appeals Court
Judge: Cypher
Subject: Pirated music
Tone: Unremarkable
Importance: 2.2

Did you know that the Recording Industry Association of America provides assistance to local law enforcement when they happen upon stashes of pirated CDs? That’s what happened in Commonwealth v. Pierre, No. 06-P-768, which the Appeals Court decided today. A Cambridge police detective found the loot while searching the defendant’s apartment on a drug-related warrant. An RIAA consultant then assisted the detective “in inventorying the counterfeit CDs.”

It seems strange that police would involve a special interest group in an ongoing investigation like this. What’s next? Bringing in the NRA for help with gun cases? Though if the NRA took pirated merchandise as seriously as the RIAA, that might not be a bad thing.

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Javaun said...

Yikes! So in addition to facing hard time for narcotics trafficking, they may be able to *nail* this guy on possession of 600+ bootleg cds? If the RIAA had been around back in Capone's day, they clearly would've been able to tack a few weeks onto his sentence.